Seminar Stockholm 2019.FIAT/IFTA Media Management Seminar 2019

Seminar Stockholm 2019.FIAT/IFTA Media Management Seminar 2019

The National Library of Sweden (Kungliga Biblioteket) and SVT (Sveriges tv), alongside the FIAT/IFTA Media Management Commission invite you to definitely the 9 th version of FIAT/IFTA’s “Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles” Seminars, centering on news management, metadata, liberties, brand new growing technologies and changing skillsets. This theme that is edition’s

“Game Changers? From Automation to Curation:

Futureproofing AV Content”

Just simply Take this possibility to study on worldwide leaders inside the media administration community about new challenges, revolutionary workflows and practical solutions dealing with the electronic archiving and broadcasting community.

Key topics of the version:

  • Synthetic Intelligence, Machine training and their prospect of automated resource annotation are commonly thought to be future fundamental game changers when it comes to company of multimedia archiving and documents. In this session, relevant archives and industry representatives are invited to fairly share and talk about their experiences, insights, expectations and strategic plans with this development that is new. (more…)

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