A school of anesthesia was the dream woven by Dr. Alfonso Doloroso nearly a decade ago. 

But the integration of such a school into the busy lifestyle of anesthesiologists was indeed a great challenge – until the solution became clear.

In 1996, Dr. Doloroso in his capacity as PSA president, with Dr. Merle Odi as chairman of Asian and Oceanic Society of Regional Anesthesia (AOSRA ), conceptualized the Distance Education Program in Anesthesiology, now known to all as DEPA. 

DEPA became a flagship project during Dr. Fidel Payawal’s presidency, and DEPA’s groundwork was laid down by its first appointed chairman, Dr. Ludivino de Guzman. In 2004, with Dr. Fidel Payawal as its second chairman, DEPA produced its first graduates.

In 2006, PSA president Dr. Romulo A. Buzon, Jr., continued DEPA by appointing Dr. Zenaida M. Mariano as chairman of the ad hoc committee on DEPA. An organizational design was developed, and divisions were created for curriculum, student affairs, faculty, staff, materials, distribution, and quality assurance. The hybrid DEPA emerged. 

Fast forward to 2015, DEPA is exploring new possibilities and extending its reach to remotely located members by pushing the boundaries of new technologies. 

By partnering with MDpie, the Asian pioneer in online CME delivery and innovation, DEPA can now bridge the gap that distance and time have put upon its students and mentors. 

By creating online modules, DEPA is addressing the continuing educational needs of all anesthesia practitioners, be they in training, reviewing for the specialty board exam, or practicing consultants, subspecialists or researchers.