The EON Research Course intends to assist residents to: develop research protocol, be familiar with critical appraisal of topic, prepare case report and write scientific paper. There will be 12 lecture topics for this online course (Table 2).

The Chairman is Dr. Glenn Marinas. The members are: Dr. Minerva Calimag, Dr. Ma. Concepcion Cruz, Dr. Ma. Lilybeth Tanchoco and I.


Table 2: PSA EON Research Course

Course Code


001 - CAT

Critical Appraisal of Topic

002 - LS

Literature Search

003 - RD

Research Designs

004 - Pd1

Protocol Development: Research Question

005 - Pd1

Protocol Development: Research Objectives

006 - Pd2

Protocol Development: Introduction and Literature Review

007 - Pd3

Protocol Development: Other Parts of the Protocol

008 -PD 4

Protocol Development: Sample Size Computation

009 - PD 4

Protocol Development: Statistical Analysis

010 - PD 5

Protocol Development: Ethical Consideration

011 - SPW

Scientific Paper Writing

012 - CR

Case Report


To defray expenses, the course fee for the PSA EON ABC I will be: php 1,800.00 for residents and php 2,700.00 for consultants of good standing. For the PSA EON Research Course, the course fee will be php 800.00 for residents and php 1,200.00 for consultants.

Unauthorized sharing of any of the lecture topic or part of the course will automatically disqualify the Staff of the Anesthesia Department of the institution from joining PSA Educational Activities. It will also be reported to the PSA Commission on Ethics and the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology.

The EON is made possible by the PSA and GETZ Clinical partnership.