June 25-26, 2015

Sofitel, Manila: 

Towards a Unified Approach to Patient Safety: The ASEAN Perspective

Goals of this FIRST ASEAN Patient Safety Congress

This Congress aims to:

1.  Facilitate a collaborative discourse on the promotion of Patient Safety
2.  Identify appropriate multi-professional and multi-specialty approaches to effectively decrease safety incidents
3.  Provide an avenue for exchange of common issues and best practices in the area of Patient Safety
4.  Discuss and share experiences in healthcare quality and patient safety (on individual, institutional, national and regional level)
5.  Develop consensus statements on principles and strategies towards attaining safer patient care in the ASEAN region

Target Participants

All health care professionals and health service-related professionals who are interested or involved in, or teach, Patient Care and Patient Safety Interventions

Learning Objectives for the Participant

At the end of this FIRST ASEAN Patient Safety Congress, the participant will be able to:

1.  Appreciate the relevance of the defined practice of patient safety
2.  Describe the conceptual framework and important elements and aspects of patient safety
3.  Generate priority areas for improvement in the practice and education on patient safety in the ASEAN region 
4.  Formulate relevant and doable recommendations or interventions to improve on the practice and education on patient safety for the ASEAN region

Learn more at http://aseanpatientsafetycongress.com

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